‘We Are All Hamas!’: Thousands Attend London’s Gaza Protest Glorifying Terrorism

It was billed as the biggest protest in London since the Stop the War Coalition marched against the invasion of Iraq. In the end the predictions of one million protesters proved to be fantasy, and some campaigners openly expressed their love for Gaza-based terrorist outfit Hamas.

The crowd assembled at an empty Israeli Embassy, as the diplomats do not work on Saturdays, and marched towards an empty Parliament, which is currently on recess. This was the perfect analogy for the hollowness of London’s Gaza (or pro-Hamas) protest this weekend.

Many of the protesters managed to walk past the heavily guarded Israeli Embassy without even noticing where they were. Perhaps their failure to notice the Embassy could be attributed to the presence of a stage which was used by a variety of hard left speakers including the bandwagon class warrior Owen Jones.

Jones talked about a “hierarchy of death” in which he claimed the life of a Jew was considered more important than that of a Palestinian. The crowds cheered and waved their banners, most of which had been supplied by the Socialist Workers Party – Britain’s hard left outfit which celebrated the death of Margaret Thatcher.

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