Pro-Palestinian protesters block Southbound Golden Gate Bridge, Northbound I-880 in Oakland

Protesters are causing major traffic issues across the Bay Area, including in Oakland and on the Golden Gate Bridge, as part of a worldwide economic blockade in solidarity with Palestine.

The first protest Monday morning happened on Northbound I-880 in Oakland where Protesters blocked all lanes. The protest is happening at 5th Ave., where there are said to be 15 people blocking the road. The protesters had brought barrels onto the roadway and chained themselves to the barrels. Law enforcement has since cut the chains.

Traffic remains backed up and there is no estimated time of when the highway will reopen.

Protesters have also blocked all lanes in the Southbound direction of the Golden Gate Bridge. It is now backed up for miles into Marin.

Organizers say it is part of A15, a worldwide economic blockade in solidarity with Palestine and calling for an arms embargo and an end to US taxpayer funding for Israel.

The Oakland Economic Blockade Against Palestinian Genocide says they are protesting alongside 56 cities around the world.

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